Active Global Support provides "Template Based" SAP implementation that helps Information Technology and Business project team members to quickly deploy SAP solutions - from core SAP applications to Industry-specific solutions. Our template comprises a mix of step-by-step instructions, preconfiguration, sample master data, code samples (where applicable) and end-user training organized by technical and business scenarios.

By using Active Global Support's "Template Based" approach, your organization can cost-effectively implement SAP solutions in half the time and 40% under budget than what it would take to implement SAP with a conventional project implementation approach. Our template based approach is fixed budget and milestone based allowing you to control costs, reduce risk, and drive more value for your implementation dollar.

Active Global Support's template based SAP systems are preinstalled and preconfigured for your industry. We currently have industry-specific templates representing a wide range of industries from Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Media and Retail to Utilities, Oil & Gas, Public Sector, Local Governments and Educational Institutions all localized for U.S.

Active Global Support's templates are localized for U.S. So they comprise preconfigured scenarios that are specific to U.S. tax, legal and metric systems in addition to the the SAP Best Practices Baseline Package.Our template covers U.S. specific business scenarios regarding Financial accounting, Cost and Profit center accounting, Sales and distribution, Materials management, Production planning and control, Quality management, Project system, Customer service and Plant maintenance. In addition to the above there are Industry-specific business processes that come as part of SAP's IS package.

From SAP technology strategy development through application deployment, we are committed to helping our SAP customers quickly realize measurable business value and achieve sustainable Return on Investment. We offer the agility of a smaller firm, the stability of larger firms, and the innovation that comes with being Active Global Support.